August 12, 2009

To Ethan (Suck it, Babies "R" Us babies)

Dear Ethan:

Yes, that's how your mommy talks! You can absolutely do it when you have a son as cute as what I'm having now.

Seriously, where did you get your humongous eyes from? Are those from me? (Definitely not from you dad, I know!) Look at them, those big inquisitive Bambi eyes! They give you an undeniably adorable look that totally threatens the early career of those babies in Babies "R" Us catalogue. Plus, you are not photoshopped, YOU ARE REAL!

I always advise people, "if this picture doesn't bring you a smile, check your pulse."

I love you, Ethan.



Chris said...

Made me smile. Good looking kid there. Just checking in. Hope all is well.

lululu said...

chris, not sure if u r the one from work. anyway, thx for stopping by.

Peggy said...

So cute and adorable! Ethan's eyes just like your mom.

The Harrison Family said...


Anonymous said...

Such kissable cheeks and forehead. Actually, everything is so kissable-looking.


StupidHollyWolly said...

Such a sweet look!

lululu said...

thank you all!

i think, when u become a mom, you'd think your kid is the cutest in the universe. and it's the only thing that you are not scared to show off about.