June 10, 2010

To Ethan (Elma)

Dear Ethan,

The other day both me and your guu guu were texting about names for the new baby.

Guu: What about Taylor or Cadence?

Me: Nah, I know a Cadence who's a bitch. And I can't stand Taylor Swift, she just keeps showing her upper teeth for no reason.

Guu: Oh, I like Taylor Swift. Paige?

Me: I like Paige. Just your brother thinks his last name would let people make fun of her by saying, "Let's page Tam!"

Guu: Esme.

Me: Never heard of that. Acne came to my mind now.

Guu: What about Zoe?

Me:...... Elmo's girlfriend.

Guu: Good. Ethan will love it then.

Me: No. He will just call her Elmo or Momo.

Guu: You guys love Emma, right? Let's do Elma.

I had a sonogram yesterday. Though they couldn't see the penis, they were not 100% sure if this baby is a girl. I still believe my instinct - it's girl.

Now we may need to seriously think about naming her Elma.



KennyT said...

Elma sounds like Alma to me, which means apple in Hungarian.

Simply Life said...

ADORABLE photo!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you have 9 months to think about a name.


CheapAppetite said...

I vote for Elma :) I like the sound of it. But hey it's your baby. :-)