April 16, 2010

To Ethan (For preparing your first day at daycare)

Dear Ethan,

We thought we were lucky to get you into the daycare that we'd wanted you to join badly. HOWEVER, they have a "no bare foot around the place" policy. NO BARE FOOT! How are you going to live with that? You always wear nothing on your feet at home. Freedom? Hm......maybe. The fact is, besides the geeky gene, your father also gave you a pair of very sweaty feet. We are obliged to keep them bare so we will never worry about losing you cause we believe we can always trace you back by following your wet footprints! But now you are required to wear the baby slippers when you are at the daycare, we had no choice but compromised, cause for the longevity of your grandpa and your parents, we have to take some day-offs being tortured by you.

We had no luck finding you a good pair of baby slippers. They are all for infants, not for a 17-month-old who has the ability to kick your stomach that you'd spit out anything in there.

When we were panicking the evening before your first day at daycare, I suddenly remembered your aunt Keturah had given you a pair of baby slippers before you were even conceived. Being too skeptical to put them on your feet as THEY ARE FOR 6-12 MONTHS OLD INFANTS, we did it anyway because we can never figure out the methodology behind the measurement for kids apparels. You fit in a 3-year-old jacket perfectly, yet I can tell a 18-month-old onesie really gets into your crotch.

You were all showered and had your overall pajamas on at that time. And I tell you what, it's already 8pm, my energy level has gone to the lowest, I would never consider changing you just to try putting those slippers on. So here was what we did: took your legs out from your pajamas, put the slippers on your bare feet, and tied a knot with the dangling pant legs at your back so you would not trip.

Ethan, if you ever consider to be a ballerina, I might let you. Because I know we can never ask for a more entertaining weekday evening simply enjoying this look.



Mommy24cs said...

Ethan is adorable in his little slippers!

Carson does not like to wear anything on his feet either. I don't know how he will make it through a whole school day wearing shoes!

Olive said...

Hehe! I don't even remember where I got those slippers from! Glad its useful though! He looks so cute with his chubby lil legs!

KennyT said...

So cute!! But why no bare foot policy in that centre?

Anna said...

Ethan is the cutest, I'm sure you are having a lot of fun.