February 14, 2010

To Ethan (Sponge Stage)

Dear Ethan,

Your ability to repeat everything and act too sensitively has proven the function of processing sensory data in your brain is developing fine.

One hockey night, when our consistently inconsistent Canucks gave up an ugly goal, an exasperated "FXXK" rushed out from my mouth. And you, who had been busy wandering around the house like a lost baby penguin looking for your igloo, suddenly stopped, stared at me with your 2 loonie eyes and said "FOK" to my face. Then, when we were cheering and screaming for their first goal, you got all excited HOLLERING AT US AND LIFTING UP YOUR TOY TRAIN SET like an extremely stoned heavy metal star trying to smash his Gibson.

There, I knew it's too late for me to behave like a parent. 

This week, your father bought you to watch Olympic torch relay when it passed through our neighborhood. When everybody in the crowd was overwhelmed emotionally, YOU FELT COMPLETELY BORED that you didn't even bother to scream to stop all screams which you usually do......until the honking police cruiser ran by where you considered the party was officially started. I think you've come a lot closer to get the whole family in jail after your last attempt.



bonnie said...

I love the video, true kids are like sponges- how funny!!

Fresh Local and Best said...

I see Ethan picked up quite a naughty word. Cute!

Sook said...

Your Ethan is so adorable. :)

CheapAppetite said...

he's so cute. Guess he doesn't like the police. lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL! ;-)


StupidHollyWolly said...

Hahaha, fok... XD What are you going to do? Quit all the dirty words? That can be hard!