January 2, 2010

To Ethan (Blackberry's Youngest Customer)

Dear Ethan,

Eventually you were given a Blackberry for your own use before you make either one of ours inoperable.

We have to seriously talk about your obsession for Blackberry. Look, it's Blackberry! Not other classic cellphone. iPhone? Hm......marginally fine for you. Cause I think your career goal is to be a professional button pusher. iPhone is not going to help at all. You can practically locate any gadget with buttons in the house. And having your geeky father as one of the house owners, you have tons to select from.

One of your favorites is the TV remote. It connects with the HDTV, DVD player, amplifier, PC output, probably also the sewage system of our resident complex that for a couple years now, I'm still limited to use just a few buttons to operate basic functions, like turning on/off the TV, flipping channels, tuning volume......For the remaining 700 buttons, I completely gave in long time ago as only the thought of it already gives me headache. However I have no idea how you figured it out, last time when I returned to you after you were left with a remote for a while, you were in fact a button away to order a porn movie. Well, not that I'm against porn, just the idea of watching porn with my child in the afternoon does not really serve my purpose of watching porn. So, I took over the remote immediately, and spent 20 minutes to try to go back to the main menu.

So, about Blackberry. Whenever you spot one, you try your utmost afford to grab it and mash the buttons so hard that they almost never pop back up. And when the screen lights up, it simply lights up your sky too. Your face will become impossibly uptight and serious that none of any corporation CEO could compare with.

Last week, when your father tried to get you off his computer keyboard so he could have his work done, he gave you his Blackberry. Before he realized the quiet time that he was enjoying was abnormally long, his phone rang.

Caller: "This is RCMP. Did you just call 911?"

Your father: "Uh......No. Oh, my son was playing with my phone. I'm so sorry."

Caller: "Are you sure there is no emergency?"

Your father: "No. We are fine. I'm sorry."

When your father told me what happened. I said, "Well, be glad that your passing on the freaky geeky gene of technology to your son didn't put the whole family in jail."



KennyT said...

Hahaha, so cute!

Renata said...

Hahaha, just like Marcelo! He is now using iPhone, and seems pretty comfotable with it! Are they smart or what?!

Xai said...

that is just too funny!

Anna said...

Ethan is adorable, give him few more months and he will be sending emails hahahahaha!

Jamie said...

*lol* I love those pictures! So cute! Dawson does the exact same thing! He loves my phone, keyboard, remote and the buttons on front of the DVR and DVD player. I actually put duck tape over the buttons on the DVR because I got tired of him turning it off and on over and over again. I have to keep the DVD player unplugged unless I am using it, too.

Anonymous said...

LOL! What a smart kid. ;-)


P.S. I've been meaning to tell you that I like your banner with your writing.

CheapAppetite said...

Gosh, I can barely know how to use my cell phone to make or answer a call. Ethan is so tech savvy. I feel so old.

Sook said...

ha ha! Really cute. You have a very cute kid by the way. :)

Shelly @ EC Pursuits said...

This is soo cute! You have yourself a future tech genius on your hands. Feed him well!