July 13, 2009

To Ethan (Meet My Buddy)

Dear Ethan:

This week, you've met one of my important friends, AK.

We've grown our almost-10-years-friendship by being co-workers, roommates then buddies.
Throughout my hectic working life in HK, she's there most of the time. We made fun of others, created silly jokes, fought, teased, laughed.... We've witnessed each other's growth by being stupid together. She's a big piece of my puzzle.

Three years ago, auntie AK came all the way from HK to here to be my bridesmaid for my wedding. Three years later, she came again to meet you little addition. This time, she brought her significant half, uncle panda. I was really upset that I couldn't make their wedding as you were still a new-born during that
time. I'm not blaming you, Ethan. You just can't understand how much I wanted to be there delivering my best wishes to them in person. But, I put that behind my mind after I met this special guy. Uncle panda is funny, easy-going, causal, lively, knowledgeable, and most importantly, he loves to eat (which really impresses me)! He made AK a less edgy and happier person. I can feel their relaxed yet deep relationship when I see them talking, gazing, holding hands......I'm truly happy for her.

You stayed 2 nights with grandpa and grandma when we took a trip to Okanagan. I missed you badly that I kept calling to check on you. My brain wall was collaged with images of your little face, big eyes, round tummy......Once we arrived at grandma's as we returned, I flew in the house to put you into my arms and kissed you countlessly. Ethan, I did miss you a lot. It broke my heart a little though as you didn't show a bit excitement. You probably didn't think being away for 2 nights was a big deal. Ethan, it was to me!

The trip was totally worth it though. Afterall I knew grandpa and grandma would take good care of you. We've had great food, great talk, great time......we just picked up what we left behind three years ago.

I can't wait for them to pop a little panda to play with you.



Panda said...

uncle panda....

lululu said...

he can actually beat u in terms of being look-alike.