June 3, 2009

To Ethan (Cique du Soleil Baby)

Dear Ethan,

You very first 2 teeth has been growing peacefully which I'm very grateful.

I was told how cranky a teething baby would be. You would be irritable, fussy, refuse to eat, have sleep problems......which I secretly hoped it didn't happen too soon as it might ruin your perfect sleep routine, and the world might never be the same.

But, Ethan, teething doesn't seem to bother you at all. You are calm most of the time, you are still eating and sleeping like a little piggy. You are making mommy's life so much easier. How can I not love you more?!

Speaking of sleeping, can you please tell me what you do during the night? Have you been practicing acrobatics? Maybe specialising in somersault? Or you imagine someone was tossing you around like you were performing in Cique du Soleil? I remember every night I put you in your crib in a normal sleeping position. But in the morning, how come your were either on your tummy at the other side of the crib, or having your little legs hanging out between the crib rails.

I think you inherited this spectacular habit from me. When I was a kid, I could never keep a blanket cover on my body for one whole night. It would either be on the floor or under the bed. But, Ethan, you did make it to a higher level because I'd never tossed myself around like you did.



Anonymous said...

LOL! So cute!


Pam, aka, Dessert Lady said...

What a beautiful baby....and a beautiful posting. :~) Babies do have a way of moving around those cribs! My "babies" are now 24 and 28, but they'll always be my babies.