May 29, 2009

To Ethan (You were abandoned!!!)

Dear Ethan,

A few days ago, mommy truly realized how cruel it is to abandon you.

When you were taking your usual afternoon nap, mommy was out there at our back yard reading under the sun. Before your daddy left home for work, he locked the door to the back yard routinely. Yes, your stupid dad did it though he saw me out there and knew that I'd need to go through that door to get back to the house after I was done. He's such a robot which
is programmed to lock the door whenever he closes it.

So, I was practically stuck outside of the house while you were in. The moment I found out I was kept outside from you, my head was blacked out. The next 5 seconds, I pictured you rigorously crying in your crib for being hungry, lonely, terrified......that really broke my heart. My helplessness to reach you sickened me that I wanted to puke.

I could've borrowed our neighbour's phone and called your dad to come home. Fortunately, mommy discovered a faster but risky solution - I climbed into the house through the window like a burglar. After I saw you were still snoring on your bed, my heart stopped pounding.

Not until I totally settled down myself mentally, I realized how mad I was at your dad. I wanted to call and yell at him for being such an idiot.

Ethan, there are lots of children abandoned by their parents for whatever reasons which neither you or mommy would understand. I think any child lacking of parent's love is the cruelest thing in the world. I want you to know how lucky you are to be loved so much by your daddy and mommy.



Anonymous said...

OMG! What a scary experience. But

I think that if Prince Ethan could speak he'd tell you that he understands you didn't abandon him and the whole episode was only an accident.

Glad everything turned out well in the end.


Valentina said...

How terribly it might have been. thank God it turned out well in the end. What a beautifu baby.